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Welcome to The Foundation Years at Dewvale School Dubai

The Early Years are a crucial time in a child’s development and it is important that they are provided with a nurturing and stimulating
environment. Children’s training in the early years goes a long way towards preparing them for academic and life tasks they are required
to master later. We expose our Kindergarteners to rich experiences in learning that prepare them well for years of schooling that lie
Our Kindergarten Programme focuses on creating a secure, stimulating, and nurturing learning environment, in which our students can
develop through structured play activities, practical art and craft, games, interaction, and imaginative play.
Intellectual growth is also encouraged through sharing stories and discussion, writing, number games, observation, and scientific
experiences. Throughout the Kindergarten stage, we keep our parents closely involved and assessment is conducted throughout the
Features of the Curriculum
• Theme-based learning as part of the curriculum
• Learning Centers where developmental and foundational skills are acquired through observations, construction, pretend play, reading
and art.
• Learning Centers are planned to focus on developing children’s enthusiasm for lifelong learning based on seven areas of learning
Communication and Language, Personal Social and Emotional, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World,
Expressive Art and Design
• Circle Time is planned to encourage social interaction, listening, conversing, feeling, thinking, empathy and patience.
• A strong Reading Program with books sent home every week
• Supervised Play and Field Trips to energise children in a healthy, stimulating outdoor environment.
• Guest lectures and Parent Participation
Skill Development
• Physical/Motor skills
• Personal, Social, Emotional skills
• Language skills
• Numeracy skills
• Creative skills
• Knowledge & Understanding of the world
• Play-based, hands-on and experiential learning


Welcome to the Primary Years at Dewvale School Dubai
Inspired by the Experiential Learning and Visible Thinking approach
The Dewvale primary curriculum aims to provide a broad and profound learning experience and encourages a rich variety of approaches to teaching and learning that cater to the different needs of
individual children. The primary curriculum is designed to nurture the child in all dimensions of his or her life—spiritual, moral, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical, in a diverse
and intellectually stimulating environment. The primary curriculum is planned carefully and progressively, so that there is coherence and full coverage of all aspects of the transition stage from KG to lower primary. The curriculum is designed to meet the UAE National Agenda Parameters and the structure of the CBSE Curriculum is embedded and established well with international elements for a smooth
transition of students to the upper primary. A problem-based learning approach with meaningful cross curricular connections makes learning deeply engaging and life-long.
We aim at the holistic development of students through joyful learning techniques that extend learning beyond the classrooms. Students are guided and trained to acquire 21st Century Learning Skills.
They are exposed to challenging and differentiated learning experiences which nurture critical thinking, problem-solving, reasoning, and decision-making skills. During Primary School, we embrace the
students’ innate inquisitive nature to develop their basic skills through first-hand experiences. They are encouraged to question, explore, apply, and test what they know, whilst treating each other with
respect and developing the beginnings of social etiquette.
The wide range of extra-curricular activities and wellness programmes ensures the all-round development of the child’s personality and develops the awareness of the global needs and competencies pertaining to self and community. It also creates an enthusiastic and happy learning environment in the primary classrooms.
Subjects in the Primary: Arabic
Islamic Studies/ Moral Science English Mathematics EVS MSCS (Moral, Social and Cultural Studies) Second Language (Hindi/Malayalam/French) Art Physical Education Music Drama STEAM
Music, Art, Dance, and Physical Education classes are integrated into the timetable to make sure that latent talent is developed. Personalized and self-paced learning are the key features at Dewvale. This is
achieved by a well-balanced innovative timetable consisting of TACT time, Learning by Doing, a Recap Session, and Free Learning Space. Making thinking visible at all levels in the school has been one of the
key focus areas of our teaching and learning.
Features of the Curriculum
• Provides a fine balance of scholastic and co-scholastic skills
• Skill-based, child-centered and experiential
• Structured progression of scholastic skills for smooth transition
• Meets the National Agenda targets and complies with the statutory requirements of CBSE and MOE
• Promotes independent learning & learning beyond the classroom
• Meets individual needs & offers appropriate challenge
Unique Innovative Programmes
• Learning Beyond Boundaries
• Little Entrepreneurs
• Mind Blogger
• Train your Brain
• Financial literacy
• Science spell bee
• Guided Reading
• Dewvale Innovates
• Scinovation
• SLC (Student Led Conference )
• Math Rockstar
• Budding Authors Programme
Appreciation and Awards
• Commendation Certificate for Academic Excellence
• Appreciation Certificate
• Star of the Section
• General Proficiency for Academic Excellence (Grade 4 & 5)
• All Rounder Award (Grade 4 & 5)
At Dewvale, we develop students’ abilities and academic success necessary to access new opportunities, whether through mentoring, enrichment, or individualised learning. Our dedicated staff delivers the programmes in an environment that is intimate, friendly, and attuned to every specific educational need through a holistic approach.


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